Sovereign Event Systems welcomes you on the specialized live streaming mini-site designed to host your live event.From this page your audience can watch your live event! is  an one-page light mini-site with the purpose to provide a customised  environment for your stream to fit your organisation or company branding.


ζωντανή μετάδοση συνεδρίου | live streaming conference and events
The new mini-site delivers custom appearance to your live stream sessions

Elements like page background , Logo, colours, texts,social network links, and new pages for your content are fully customisable to your needs for a professional look!


Although your live stream is hosted on Youtube or other Content Delivery Networks, only lets you personilise your streaming screen in a look tailored to your branding.


This site is matched to a corresponding YouTube channel which will be the primary feed for what you see on this site.


The corresponding YouTube channel for

Live streaming Services|Υπηρεσίες ζωντανών μεταδόσεων μέσω ιντερνετ

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